The hangovers have (hopefully) subsided, afternoon naps have been taken and the champagne bottles are now empty. As I grow, it is always so amazing to me how quickly the first day of a new year rolls around. As we say hello to 2016 I find myself reflecting on what was one of the best years yet. A year ago today, I was in this exact same place, yet so many wonderful things were about to unfold over the next 365 days, some planned and some unexpected. 2015 saw a lot of change and some amazing much anticipated experiences- a big move and a big wedding. Of course, like many people, 2015 handed me some loss as well, and with this loss, a healthy reminder that even a perfectly planned year will never be perfect. However, when taking the time to reflect today sitting in front of a crackling fire surrounded by those I love, I find myself pondering over the unexpected events that shaped 2015 and the smaller day-to-day lessons that have made me grow so much in one short year. What stands out about the unexpected and the day-to-day in 2015 is all of the love that surrounded me as these experiences unfolded.

While I don’t know what the year ahead will hold and I of course have some goals and resolutions I want to reach and keep, unlike last year I am most excited for the unexpected- the large and the small- the notion that 2016 begins with nothing but possibility. It’s a little exciting, a little anxiety provoking perhaps, but mostly calming.


What I do know is that no matter what happens, the love that has been given to me in 2015 and every year prior will continue to be here. I will foster that love, with myself, my husband, my friends and my family. I will hold on to that through the ups and the downs and rely on it at the core of any lessons that life throws me. I will spread it on the happiest days and perhaps more importantly, on the darkest of days as well. Whatever you do this year, do it with love. We don’t always know what will happen in a year, but if you hold on to that love through it all, you may just find that no matter what happens, you’ll end up where you want to be. And, if you’re as lucky as I am, you may find that you start the next year in the same place you started the year before. A year older, maybe a little bit wiser, but most importantly, surrounded by love.



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