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I tend to be a pretty positive person but as anyone else who has been on the job hunt knows, it can be hard to keep your head up while searching for the next opportunity, particularly if you work in a pretty small field like I do. If one thing is true, job hunting isn’t as simple as just sending off resumes and cover letters and waiting to hear back (although that is how I got my last job, so I’m just going to assume that was my one lucky chance and it probably won’t happen again).

In recent weeks, I have really been striving to just get myself out of the house and meet people, regardless of whether or not it will help my job search. I think the hardest thing for me about being at home is that I don’t get to talk to adults all day (just the cat) and as an extrovert who gets my energy from other people, this isn’t easy. Hence, getting out of the house and meeting people. Besides, you never know what can come your way just by getting out there and having an open mind.

A few weeks back I signed up for a lunch n’ learn at BrainStation, which is an amazing learning space here in Toronto offering workshops, courses and other great offerings (like yoga! And bonus, there is a great coffee shop attached to it!) The lunch n’ learn was with the experiential marketing specialist from Vega, Kelsey Reidl. I signed up because I love Vega and their products, and for 10 bucks how could I say no to a delicious lunch and the chance to sit in a room with potentially a bunch of other wellness folk? I was happy to learn that Kelsey and I have a lot in common- we are both actively involved in the fitness community here in Toronto, love connecting with people and enjoy a good cup of coffee!

As Kelsey told the story of her journey and what steps and opportunities led her to her role with Vega I found myself deeply inspired and feeling a little more hopeful about my own current job hunt. But before I ramble on about it, I am overjoyed to share that Kelsey is here herself today to talk about her journey in her own words- how saying yes and taking chances can not only lead you to your dream job but impact your life in so many ways. Read on and prepare to be inspired- whether you are job hunting or not! (also, I’m glad that I’ve been succeeding at #4!)


I am so excited to be guest posting on Happy Fit and Free today! Like Ali, I’m a local fitness and health enthusiast currently living in Toronto. When I moved to Toronto I had no idea what the journey I was about to embark on would look like, but with constant curiosity and a positive attitude I made sure that each day included some sort of adventure. What’s more is that on this path, I truly have found myself to be at a place in my life and in my journey that I truly feel happy, have communities in fitness, and am creating more and more freedom to live my life to the fullest each day!

Today, and for the past few years, I’ve been hanging out in what I’ll call my ‘yes phase’. This phase of my life was really ignited when I moved to Toronto and knew next to nobody, and was not familiar with my surroundings.

What I’m chatting about is not just applicable to those of you in new places though. By turning on your ‘yes phase’ you are embracing a chapter of your life that can bring about great shifts and welcomed changes to your routine. Perhaps you are that someone who is ready for more, whatever that may be, and can find inspiration to look for it through some of tips.

As I reflect on what got me to where I am today as a marketing specialist, nutritionist, and lifestyle coach, it was simply about saying ‘yes’ to the right opportunities and really believing that the more that I put myself out there, the more opportunity could (and would!) come my way.


I’m going to elaborate more specifically on action items that I took to launch me towards more success in all areas of my life;

Other people will believe in you, before you believe in yourself

When people ask me to speak at an event or to help them with their nutrition, I still have a moment of wondering why in the world I would be the right person. There’s an element of self-doubt or fear that many of us are challenged with on a daily basis that we need to get over!

When people ask me to speak at an event or to help them with their nutrition, I still have a moment of wondering why in the world I would be the right person. There’s an element of self-doubt or fear that many of us are challenged with on a daily basis that we need to get over!

Others will often believe in you and take a leap on your skills before you even solidify that you’re great at them, but I speak from experience when I say it doesn’t matter!

In these moments of being challenged with an opportunity or the moments of being believed in to take a leap, you MUST say yes and do it whether the confidence is there or not. That can be practiced and worked on after you commit with a ‘yes’. All that it takes for others to believe strongly in you is for you to exude your unique confidence and skill set with grace

Join a new community

If you’re stuck in your longtime friend bubble, it’s time to push along and expand your network! Opportunities present themselves when you join new communities and establish relationships with key people.

As I mentioned, coming to a new city with very few friends and family was daunting to me. I had this hunger to connect with like-minded people though, so I decided to pursue some new communities that would help me meet others. For me that included joining and working at a small gym, attending evening classes at a local tech school, asking to join various online communities (i.e. a women’s networking group on FB), and even developing relationships through social platforms like Instagram.
Community is such an important piece of our lives that we often neglect as young and independent people. But remember that it takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a community to propel you to the top…

Share your story

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Maybe you’re a combo, but regardless of what your personality type is I want you to spend an afternoon crafting your story or your elevator pitch.
I used to hang around an amazing lady who was well connected in the health industry. When she would introduce me to any of her friends, she would go beyond just ‘Kelsey this is Jane, Jane this is Kelsey’. She went deeper and always gave a quick bio on each person she was connecting.
It would be something like ‘Kelsey this is Jane, my former roommate who runs the blog The Fitness Connection and adopted that cute rescue dog I showed you a picture of. And Jane, Kelsey is my colleague at work and we were the ones who created the video on how to execute a great social media campaign’. See the difference?
First, I think it’s important to start introducing our friends with more than a name. Give them context and bring them to life so that conversation flows immediately after an introduction.
Second, and the point to the above story, is that we should start thinking about our own elevator pitch for introductions. If you’re stumped, think of what you’d want your friends to say about you or what qualities you aspire to have. Practice this 30 second pitch and live it out, every day. Remember that you are your own brand, and have an opportunity to sell yourself at every interaction. These interactions are what create opportunity.

Get out more

Still unsure of how you’re going to create more opportunity for yourself? Here’s the most difficult piece… You need to get out of your house more.
You can have the most crafted elevator pitch and be a member of the most influential community, but if you never physically show up you’re missing opportunity.

For example, when I pulled myself off the couch last week to attend a run club I ended up getting a wonderful introduction from a friend saying ‘Kelsey is a great sport nutritionist’. Not only did this run club allow me to join a new community, it allowed me to then share my story and background as a sport nutritionist with someone new, and therefore give people the opportunity to learn about my services and believe in me enough to hire me.

All of the pieces came together in that moment. And this is why it’s important to say yes to opportunity (the right ones anyway) and infuse a bit more hustle into your day if you’re looking to create connection.

I’ll leave you with a quote… “Most of what exists in the universe—our actions and all other forces, resources and ideas have little value and yields few result. On the other hand, a few things work fantastically well and have tremendous impact.” In other words this quote is the concept that 80% of our results come from 20% our efforts… so my advice to you is to start making more efforts.


Kelsey’s Bio

Kelsey Reidl is a holistic nutritionist, fitness instructor, and business mentor for driven women who are ready to embrace a more natural life through clean nutrition + daily self-care. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur she keeps busy educating on essential oils + whole food nutrition, sweating at studios around the city, snapping photos of food, and checking out all of the amazing coffee shops around town. Follow her on instagram and twitter: @kelseyreidl


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