Blended Banana Coconut Coffee (two ways)

I don’t know about you, but things are really starting to feel like groundhog day over here. Now in our ninth week of social distancing here in Canada, the days are really starting to blur together. At first, I found time to be going by very slowly, but all of the sudden it’s like I blinked and it’s the middle of May (though you wouldn’t know it based on the weather). I can’t lie, I don’t love the quarantine lifestyle, but I also don’t loathe it. I’ve had a few low days, but otherwise I am feeling pretty lucky that I have a job, that I am able to still run outside, and that I am quarantined with someone I like (my husband haha).

That being said, things are pretty monotonous over here. I don’t want to say that I’ve been using food as a coping mechanism, because I do think my relationship with eating has been pretty healthy. However, without much else going on, food has definitely become a highlight, and I’ve absolutely been enjoying a lot more indulgent foods than I normally would.

This is a strange time, and I think it’s easy to judge others and ourselves for all of the things we’ve been doing, or haven’t been doing. At the beginning, there was also a lot of pressure to use this time to be extra productive, to get in perfect shape, to “have it all together”. To be transparent- my quarantine has gone in the opposite way, but I am not mad about it.

Some of the things I have been enjoying more than I normally would is coffee and sugar! Okay, that’s not entirely true, I always drink a lot of coffee, but I’ve definitely really embraced this as a reason to keep on enjoying it and gulping it back. I don’t normally take my coffee sweet, but it has been so so nice to make myself a honey lavender latte each morning and actually sit and enjoy it. I have also totally been on the bandwagon trend of Dalgona coffee discovered via tik tok! I will openly admit too that I am now one of those millennial tik tok bandwagon-ers who is now obsessed. (See my amazing bathrobe tie curls below for my other favourite tik tok sensation.)

Anyway, I digress…

Dalgona coffee is equal parts warm water, instant coffee and sugar, whipped into a creamy, dreamy, almost mousse-like cloud of sweet coffee heaven. It is enjoyed over cold milk, and even as someone who is a coffee snob, I’ve really been enjoying the instant coffee mix as an afternoon treat!

A few weeks back, I saw Jillian Harris post about a banana coconut dalgona coffee and I was intrigued. When I first saw Jillian’s original post for a coconut banana latte about a year ago, I wasn’t really interested. I actually thought it sounded kind of gross haha. But then I saw that she had made it cold, with Dalgona coffee, and I knew I needed to try it. After I made it the first time, I wondered why on earth I was so hesitant to try coconut, banana and coffee in the first place.

THEN, I had a flashback to a sickly sweet coconut frappucino I had probably happily chugged back in high school, and I quickly realized I needed to take Jillian’s drink up a notch and make it blended. Genius, I thought, as I pat myself on the back. And well, my idea did not disappoint. I have made this two ways, and they both are pretty stellar. The Dalgona version is definitely sweeter, but the espresso version is equally as satisfying. I think it just depends if you’re in the mood for a more coffee forward version or a more sweet, treat-like version. Either way, this beverage is a little taste of summer paradise when we really need it! Plus, it is the perfect pick me up when you need to be alert for those afternoon zoom meetings. The coconut base can be made in advance and stored in the fridge for a few days, but the fresher the better, so I wouldn’t keep it for more than 3 days or so.

For the coconut base: I followed the instructions here, with a few minor tweaks- I left out the extra milk to account for how once blended with ice it would be a bit watered down. I also subbed the sugar for pure maple syrup.

To make:

For the Dalgona version, whisk 2 tbsp instant coffee, 2 tbsp warm water and 2 tbsp sugar (I find brown sugar to be the best) in a metal bowl with a big whisk (an electric hand mixer works well too if you have one), about three minutes, until it turn light brown, glossy and thick (see bottom of post). Next, blend in a high speed blender about 1/3 cup coconut base with 2/3 cup milk of choice (I used oat but this would be amazing with coconut milk or dairy too) and 1/2 cup ice. Pour into a glass, top with dalgona and coconut whip. (I love this one because it is light and delicious, but you can also easily make your own.)

For the espresso version, blend the base, ice and milk as above, then pour in one shot of espresso and blend on low to mix. Pour into a glass and top with coconut whip.


What you want your Dalgona to look like
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