Hi, my name is Ali and I am a corporate health and wellness professional living and working in Toronto. I graduated with an Honours degree in Psychology and a post-graduate certificate from Centennial College in Workplace Wellness and Health promotion. You can often find me running around the city with various groups in the Toronto running community. My mission on this planet is to help teach people that exercise and nutrition can change your life. I believe that our society and North American culture is a little backwards and eating healthy meals (mainly plant-based), moving our bodies and spending more time outside can help undo some of the stress and detrimental health impacts caused by our modern way of living.

I’m a runner, writer, amateur plant-based baker and cook, animal lover, friend, traveler and dreamer.
I was born and raised a city girl but have a ferocious appetite for the outdoors and the peace that comes from spending time in solitude with nature.

I believe that our mental health and physical health are one in the same and am a big advocate for alternative preventative health practices. I am a busy person, just like you, but I strive to not let that define me. I strive to challenge the way people look at things and the way we live in our society. My goal is to show others that while life can be chaotic, there are ways to make small changes and look after ourselves. In a time where we receive 1000 media messages a day about losing weight and eating certain foods we often lose sight of what it really means to be healthy.

This is a space for me to share my recipes, running stories and learnings, preventative health tips and random tid-bits about my life.

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